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Professionel Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty surgery comes as one of the most preferred surgical operations and it is purposed to reform nose. Congenital or subsquently occured deformations and respiratory problems are resolved through rhinoplasty surgery in our day. In this way, patients are to gain an aesthetic appearance and nosal functions are protected as well.


One of the most important factors which allows to apply for rhinoplasty surgery is that the patient has fullfilled the growth ages and bones basis is completely structured. One of the most leading problems that draw people to apply for this procedure is respiratory induced sleep disorders, self confidence loss causes of deformation and psychological troubles casued by nosals. Patients should know that the result would not lead to lose nosal function while improving aesthetic look. So that, this procedure per doctor and patient’s decision the best result is to optimize such factors rather than to be achieved to a desired form at nose.

At the preliminary examination before the operation, patient’s bones, cartilage tissue, facial form and skin structure is analysed and regarding patient’s expectations of surgery, the doctor gives information on how the process will perform. The more accurately patients tranfer their expectations and wishes the more can get better and satifsfying result. Considering patient’s wishes, doctor will try to present the best possible treatment with no nosal functional destroys and will inform patient on performing procedure, price and possible risks.

The patient is required to report to the doctor on medicines, ongoing or previously passed operations and  must obey to the letter all advices on nutritional order, cigarettes, drugs and vitamins by doctor.

Rhinoplasty operation is performed under local anesthesia and general anesthesia and to determine this the changes in nosal structure must be considered. In terms to keep doctor protected of free moves and patient’s un-easiness the general anesthesia which is more healthy is more common. Patient will not feel pain via both methods.

Rhinoplasty surgery usually lasts 3-5 hours and throight of process, the nosal skin, bone structure and cartilage structures get seperated of each other. The nose is reoccuring by adapting the nosal skin at root and is inserted by a plaster or plastic brace to support and the nose is closed. To keep midline septum fixed some silicon plaques take place into the nostril and the procedure finishes. The applied rhinoplasty technique, affects on traceability at the surgical result. Closed rhinoplasty performs with no trace but in open rhinoplasty surgery it may remain some small scars after operation, revision surgery may be necessary but the risk is around 10% only. In case of patient’s respiratory distress, another surgery may be required.

Same as any other surgical procedure, bleeding, infection or anesthesical risks may occur in rhinoplasty surgeries. Reduce down risks and rise up your satisfying range by resigning yourself to trustable and leading experted doctors. If you are required to get further information on rhinoplasty surgery and to make appointment you can keep in touch via addresses announced.